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PhotoBIT is a creative platform for photographers to submit their work to be featured on Bitmap Mag curated by the Editor in Chief. We showcase the photos that are aesthetically in line with the magazines style base on Composition, Technique and Concept. Showcasing their talent with the opportunity to participate on this on going photo stream. 

Photographer:  Tim Engle

Photographer: Tim Engle

Here's how to Submit your work and become
part of our PhotoBIT Photographers

Register and Create your Profile

PhotoBIT is open to all kinds of photography, from portraiture to fine art photography. Register with us and create your own personalize profile. All members must go through a filtering process where the Editor in Chief will personally approve each artist. Remember it's very important to use the proper info (all fake accounts will be revoke and deleted).


Submit your Photos

Once approve then you are ready to submit. Submitting photos require strict guidelines or it will not be approve. We do this cause we hold a specific standard with all photos and we suggest you keep this in mind. 

Images MUST be owned by the Photographer
(Image remains the holder of all rights over the images - it is his responsibility to acquire a release in case of reference)
Free of Watermarks
(Editor reserves the right to delete the images)
• Images should NOT exceed in size
(MAX 50MB or no less than 650 pixels in width and 980 pixels in height)
• Each Submission must include Title and Genre of photos
• Once chosen, ALL photos submitted will have the Bitmap logo for Authentication


Photographer:  Eric Yip

Photographer: Eric Yip

Photographer:  Isaac Alvarez

Photographer: Isaac Alvarez


Submission Form

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Please also include credits of other crew **Photos with WATERMARKS will NOT be accepted
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