Next Door with Lexi Atkins

I love being able to find different parts of myself to express for a certain character or job.  Ever since I was little, my favorite thing was to play pretend and transform into different characters, so the fact that I get to do that on a daily basis is amazing.  

Stylist: Ali Levine Makeup/Hair: Sophia Poch Photographer: Isaac Alvarez

Isabelle Kaif in Dr. Cabbie

I get to embody these different characters and do things I would never do in real life. At least there are some things we do in films that come with serious consequences in real life.

Stylist: Isabelle Kaif Makeup/Hair: Sophia Poch Photographer: Isaac Alvarez

Go VVVOOM with VaVa

Swiss pop singer Vava Voom is an up-and-coming artist. She teamed up with Sean Kingston (Beautiful Girls, Fire Burnin’, Beat It feat. Chris Brown) on her first single “Supersonic”. Find out what's next for her.

Stylist: Elena Caraballo Makeup/Hair: Sabrina Johnson Photographer: Isaac Alvarez