Camilla Luddington Interview Questions by Bless Montajes


You are currently a regular on the series Grey’s Anatomy. What can you tell me about your character, Dr. Jo Wilson?

Jo was abandoned as a baby and was in and out of foster homes until she actually ended up homeless while in high school. Her background has made her a fighter though, she doesn't like taking no for an answer, she can be feisty and guarded.  All in all though I think she is just looking to succeed and find the family she never had.


Would you say that you have anything in common with this character?

She goes after what she wants and doesn't let people stand in her way. Id like to think we both share that quality. 


On the show, you work with actors such as Sandra Oh, Katherine Hiegl, and Patrick Dempsey. How is that like for you?

Well I arrived after hiegl left- but I can say of the actors I have worked with, they are all like a family. A very talented, ambitious, welcoming family. 


You’ve also worked on the popular show True Blood. Do you have a favorite memory from working on set of this show?

I absolutely loved the revamped wardrobe of the fairies that season so going to my first costume fitting and seeing the Moulin Rouge type inspiration they were creating for us was so much fun. 


Recently, you’ve played the part of Lara Croft on the game Tomb Raider. How were you approached for this role?

I auditioned for this role like you would a tv or movie. It had a code name of "cryptids" though and the characters name was actually "Sarah". I didn't know it was tomb raider until I was told I had actually gotten the role!


What was the process like to act with the motion capture?

It took 3 years to capture. You shoot in a huge room called "the volume" and you wear a mo-cap suit for it with a camera attached to a helmet. It's similar to film except there are no sets. You're forced to really use your imagination.


How did you prepare for this role and have you had previous training before?

 I had no previous physical training but I realized very quickly it was strenuous- I did everything from my regular workout of running, to soul cycle to circuit training. 



This character, Lara Croft, is extremely different from the character Dr. Jo Wilson.  Do you have any interest in acting in more action pack shows or films?

I would love to be play Lara in the up coming movie. I believe it's being written right now. I will absolutely fight for the chance to play her on the big screen.


In your filmography, you also wrote, produced, and directed a short film called The Filming of Shakey Willis. Do you have any upcoming projects that you wrote or will be directing soon?

I have a holiday romantic comedy feature I am half way through writing with my writing partner. We are both fans of comedy and have plenty real life embarrassing situations to use as inspiration. 

Would you eventually want to focus more on writing or producing or stick with acting for now?

Acting will always be my #1 love- but I'm all for people getting out there and writing/creating their own projects.  It's so much easier to get ur hands on a camera now and shoot something you feel passionate about. I fully intend on continuing to create my own work- whenever I actually get time off! Lol. 




Feature: Camilla Luddington

Make Up & Hair: Eric Barnard

Stylist: Jessica Paster

Photographer: Isaac Alvarez