RED BANDED with Ciara Bravo

by Bless Montajes


Bitmap: Congratulations on the new show, Red Band Society! What can you tell me about this show?

Ciara: Thank you very much! Red Band Society is a show that focuses on a group of teens living in the pediatric ward of Ocean Park Hospital. We try to bring an understanding of life in the hospital and how it affects the patients living there. It’s a show about acceptance and seizing the moment. 

Bitmap: Tell me more about your character, Emma. 

Ciara: Emma is a 16 year old who has been diagnosed with an eating disorder. Anorexia controls many aspects of her life. Despite this fact, there is so much more to her as a person. She is kind and she is smart and she wants nothing more than to help those around her—even though her actions don’t always portray this.

Bitmap: What was it about the script that encouraged you to audition for this role?

Ciara: The Red Band script had this heart that drew me in from the first page. The characters felt like real people and that’s not always the case in projects like these. 

Bitmap: This show goes over issues like cancer and eating disorders that many young people experience today. Did you do anything that can help you understand this character and to shed some light on how to portray your character?

Ciara: Research, research, research. I spent copious amounts of time reading books and talking to people who have been through what Emma is currently going through. Due to their generosity, I was enlightened on the subject of eating disorders and what a terrifying place they put you in. I can only hope that this is being portrayed in my work.

Bitmap: You are pretty young yourself, who are your biggest influences and why?

Ciara: There isn’t one specific person who I aspire to be when I grow up. I find myself being influenced by many different people for many different reasons. Alexa Chung, for example, would be my style inspiration and Aubrey Plaza is my overall inspiration for all things always.


Bitmap: One of the big names in this show is Octavia Spencer. How is it like to work with her?

Ciara: WE LOVE OCTAVIA SPENCER! She is such a wonderful human being and a great role model for us to have on set.

Bitmap: Are you team Emma & Jordi or Team Emma & Leo?

Ciara: Well, Emma chose Leo in 106, but I’m team EmmaxEmma. I think she needs to learn to love herself before she can truly love anybody else. Of course, that doesn’t mean she can’t be with one of the boys. Whatever makes her happy!

Bitmap: This Red Band Society is considerably different from your previous show, Big Time Rush. What do you miss most of your character Katie Knight and the other actors?

Ciara: I really miss all of the stunts I got to perform while playing Katie! Plus having those four older brothers on set was always a good time.



Bitmap: On a more personal note, what do you love to do on your free time?

Ciara: My free time is most often spent binge watching television shows. I do love to go out for drives, either by myself or with some close friends. Blast some good tunes and see where ya end up :)

Bitmap: Lastly, besides acting, do you have other passions or careers that you would like to pursue?

Ciara: My sister and I joke (we’re actually very serious) about being the Cohen Brothers of the music video world. I love music videos. That’s where I’d like to end up if acting doesn’t pan out.



Feature: Ciara Bravo

Photographer: Isaac Alvarez

Stylist: Ali Levine

Makeup & Hair: Sophia Poch